4. Websites?

Many people familiar with me may have assumed a website would be my obvious design project choice. The reality is that before I settled on this final year project, I wanted to make patriotic toys, an environmentally conscious social campaign and brand a company. I had not considered creating website for this project, but I found irony and humour in how I transposed elements from my previous ideas to this solution. This solution eliminates use of paper and inks from the process of disseminating information, focuses on positive cultural aspects in Trinidad and Tobago and allows me to create a distinct Internet identity.

As expected, I've been analysing websites; looking for innovations in web experience that are appropriate for my project. Here is a list of website designs that possess qualities I may incorporate in my solution.

[1. www.somewhere-lefilm.com]

[2. www.tommygakenwan.com]

[3. www.iflymagazine.com]

Designs [1 - 3] feature content appropriate images that fill the browser display and navigation and information fields that become invisible. Harmony is a striking consideration in the experience. I am definitely paying attention to the use of colour, typography and juxtaposition.

[4. www.horizontalwp.com]

[5. Kim Høltermand Portfolio]

[6. www.sagmeister.com]

[7. phootcamp.com]

[8. www.sparkcapital.com]

Designs [4 - 8] feature horizontal scrolling, a quality I found appropriate for my solution. This left to right (and vice versa) movement is similar to experiencing a book or photo albums and it is noticeably a deviation from the design of the local sites featuring Trinbagonian culture that I have observed.

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